It's raining

 Sketch "il pleut" traduit en Anglais et joué lors du festival "Eight byTen" en Jamaique .

                                                    IT’S RAINING
Two men A and B are sitting side by side on two chairs. A is wearing simple clothes, jeans, sneakers. He looks uneasy, lacking confidence. The other one, B, wears an elegant suit, wears intellectual like glasses and feels very self confident and conceited. They are watching the rain.
A. It’s raining
B. (does not answer)
A. (louder) it’s raining!
B. I can see that. It has been raining for two hours. We have been sitting here for two hours watching this rain. Why don’t you shut up rather than speaking nonsense?
A. It’s just to make conversation
B. How eloquent !
A. It’s better than keeping quiet. I cannot stand silence.
B. So why don’t you speak of intelligent matters. Discuss things which are not obvious, and which need words to be heard.
A. You’re right, but I don’t know how to do that.
B. Of course, it’s a lot easier to talk about the rain.
A. Yep
B. But it’s stupid.
A. Probably, but I’d rather talk than say nothing. Even if what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense. It makes me feel good.
B. It’s rather strange. I, speak only if I have something interesting to say.
A. And how do you know that what you say is interesting?
B. Because it is, I never speak nonsense just for the sake of speaking.
A. You never talk about sweet nothings?
B. Never.
A. So, what do you talk about?
B. Art, philosophy, littérature…
A. And it’s interesting ?
B. (Looking sorry for A.) of course!
A. And what if, it doesn’t interest me? Is it still considered interesting? Isn’t it like talking sweet nothings?
B. of course not, I discuss interesting things only with interesting people.
A.  I see. And I’m not interesting. So you don’t talk with me. But… I’m wondering. If you don’t talk to me, how do you know I’m not interesting?
B. Intuition.
A. You mean that it shows. You can see it at a glance. Congratulations, you’re very good.
B. Simple psychology.
A. I’m wondering… Is it that I’m not interesting because I was talking about the rain or just because you just think so?
B. I already thought so, and what you said just comforted my judgment.
A. You never have any doubt?
B. Never.
A. You are lucky. I just talk about non important matters because I know that this way nobody will ever contradict me. When I say: “It’s raining”, there’s no possible disagreement. I do not dare stating an idea. I’m always scared to be wrong. It’s terrible. You see, we have been sitting here for two hours, and in my head everything is mixed up. I’m mixed up. When they’re  going to call me, nothing will come out. I’m going to be  paralysed. I won’t find the words. People will feel that I’m an idiot. In fact, I am an idiot. I know it‘s not going to work, I’m scared stiff.
B. Come on, calm down. One must be confident, keeping clear thoughts. Look at me, I am ready. As a matter of fact, we should not have to wait for very long now, they should call us soon …
A. They make us wait on purpose. It’s to test us. You’re right, I should stay calm. See, I’m breathing in… and out… in… and out .The brain needs the oxygen.
B. You are pathetic! In any case, it’s all for nothing.
A. Why do you say that? You think I have no chance, don’t you?
B. Frankly speaking, yes.
A. You’re sure?
B. Definitely sure.
A. You have no doubt. I forgot, you never have any doubt. Well, I have doubts. I’m not that sure you’ll get through.
B. Really! And what makes you say that?
A. Intuition. It’s funny, I have an intuition, it’s even more than that, I’m sure you will fail. It’s incredible! I’m sure of something. I can’t believe it, it’s the first time in my life that I’m sure of something!
B. You worrying me. What makes you think so?
A. I dunno. I’m sure that’s all. It’s evident, like the rain, it doesn’t need an explanation.
B. When you think of it… the rain is like the rest. It’s part of the décor. It has its place, if we take it off, something is missing. To talk about the rain seems futile, but when we think of it, we realise that it’s essential. It is the connection with the other.
A. Really?
B. The falling rain… what could be more fascinating that the falling rain. Those thousands of drops following each other at the same speed, never overtaking each other. Ah, Mankind could learn from the rain! There’s no competition between the drops. How wise.
A. It’s pretty, the rain!
B. You are right and it’s also relaxing.

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